Video & Cinematography

We build the story you want to tell in our very particular and cinematographic way, with beautiful images in 4k, Full HD and a compelling storytelling combined to make your wedding shine like it should be.

The importance of that day is the highest and we know all the details you would like to keep to share with your family and friends. We have the experience to guarantee that the final work will be of quality and with the result you are looking for, the emotion of reliving those moments again.

Our work offers some particularities that we detail below:

Highlight Film: It is a short film (between 3 to 5 minutes), set with background music and that sums up your wedding day in a very particular way. This product is excellent for today’s customers, since we can upload this movie directly to your social networks website (like Facebook, Instagram, etc.) where all your friends can enjoy it almost instantly from anywhere in the world.

Full Lenght Film: It is a film of up to 45 minutes where you can see the most intimate details of the day, the last details, the preparation of the bride and groom, the arrival of the guests, the precise moment of your “Yes, I do.”

Complete Film: We know that sometimes you need something more from that special day, that’s why we offer it as an optional package. It is a special video of almost 1 hour and a half in length, with editing and as a documentary. It includes shoots of the preparation, the arrival of the guests, interviews with family and friends, the party and the farewell of the couple.

Andrés & Marissa