About Us

Welcome to Heart & Beat Studio... our little company.

Who Are We

We are a company in charge of organizing all the information that is born in that unique instant to leave you a memory, a project … a hint of your best moment.

Our Mission

Create emotions through our work and design audiovisual tools that allow our customers to experience their ideas before turning them into reality.

What We Do

Help people remember and enlighten the movie of their lives and make their projects a window for the world.

Our history

We started this adventure in 2017 performing dj show, live music, lighting, entertainment, cinematic filming in 4k and photography for weddings and private events. In our very particular way of doing our work we have found our clients pleased and satisfied. Little by little we were taking experience, new ways of doing things and with the arrival of new members to the team, specialized, we managed to expand the business for the development of advertising tools in social networks and web design. Everything you need for that special day or that project that cost you so much effort, we are sure, that we can help you.